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Vaughan Photo Studio FAQ

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1)Where is the studio located?

Our studio is located close to the main intersection of Bathurst & Rutherford

2) Can we find you on Google Maps?

Yes, you can. The link to Google Maps and directions is available on every page of our website.

3)When the studio was established?

Our studio celebrated 10 years of successful customer service in 2017.

4)What are the specialties of the photography studio?

The primary specialty of our studio is professional portrait photography.

5) Can you please be more specific?

Yes of course. We focus on family, newborn, infant, baby and headshot photography.

6) What about commercial photography?

We provide professional photography services in the studio for product photography.

7) Do you have any experience with Food photography?

Yes, we do.  Please check the food photography page on our web.

8) Do you provide photography services in your studio only?

We do provide our services in our studio only. Professionally looking images have to be created with special lights and backgrounds.

9) What do you think makes a difference between you and other studios?

Thank you for the question. Most of our customers mentioned that they loved the quality of our image, personal approach, home-like filling, and of course the patients.

10) Do you offer affordable prices?

Yes, we do.

11) Do you charge sitting fees like most of studios?

We don’t charge a sitting fee.

12) Do we have to pay a deposit for booking your studio?

You don’t have to pay for the deposit. We trust our customers.

13) Do you offer a hairdresser service?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer hairdresser services.

14) Do you offer makeup services?

We don’t provide makeup services.

15) Can I take a look at the reviews about your photo studio?

Yes, you can. The reviews about our studio are available on Google.

The link to the review is available on every page of our web.

16) Do we have to book your services in advance?

Yes,  please book our studio in advance.

17) Can we just drop into your studio?

Please give us a call in advance to make sure that we are available.

18) What exactly do you deliver to the customers?

We deliver all edited and ready-to-print electronic images in the highest possible resolution 300 DPI.

19) How many images do you take during the studio photoshoot?

The number of captured images depends on the time of the package that the customer select and the customer’s cooperation. Usually, the customer gets 100 plus images captured during 1 Hr studio photoshoot.

20) Get we get all the captured images on spot?

Yes, you can.  Some customers would like to get all images and we appreciate it.

21) Do you mind delivering RAW images as well?

We can deliver RAW images to the advanced customer.

22) Do you charge extra for RAW images?

We don’t charge extra for RAW images.

23) Do you watermark the images?

No, we don’t watermark the images.

24) Can we enlarge the images on our own?

Yes, you can. You are the owner of the images.

25) Can you create something that we want or you do follow some workflow?

We can create whatever you want. Every photoshoot is different, that is why we like studio photography.

26) Can we get the image right away?

We can upload all not edited images for you on the same day if you need the images urgently.

27) What is the standard delivery time?

The standard delivery time is 5-7 business days. Please let us know if you need the product faster.

28) Is it the same for headshots?

The delivery for headshots is shorter: 1-2 Hrs after the photoshoot.

29) Can we preview the captured images on the same day?

Yes, you can preview the images in real time.

30) Do you offer printing services?

Yes, we do. Please contact us for a price list.

31) Can we order a photo album or college?

Yes, we do provide graphic design and printing album services.

32) Can we get a couple of prints on the spot?

Yes, we do print on the spot if requested.

33) Are you editing the photos?

Yes, all of the electronic files will be professionally edited and ready for print.

34) Can you retouch photos?

Yes, we will retouch the photos. All the images printed with our studio will be professionally retouched at no extra price.

35) What do you recommend dressing?

It depends on the purpose of the photo shoot. Please contact our team, and we will be happy to discuss this topic.

36) Any limitations relevant to some poses?

We don’t limit our customers. There are no limitations relevant to some poses.

37) Can we change our clothes during the photo shoot?

Yes, you can change your clothes in our changing room.

38) What is the resolution of the electronic images that we are receiving?

The resolution is 300 DPI, and you will be capable of printing huge posters.

39) How many backdrops do you have in the studio?

We do have three standard backdrops: black, white, and gray (hand-painted old masters backdrop)

and we do have a couple of hands-painted in-studio backdrops. We do have seasonal backdrops as well: Christmas, Valentine Day,

Harvester, baby birthday, Halloween, harvester

40) Can you prepare a unique backdrop for us?

Yes, we can, and the painting or printing will take a while. Please contact us in advance.

41) What is your goal?

Our goal is to create priceless artistic portraits to meet and exceed customers’ expectations in a fun, relaxed, and memorable experience.

42) Do you sell Gift Certificates? Yes, we do.

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