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What Backdrops are available for the first part of the baby solo photoshoot?

Please see below the pictures of the backdrops that are available for selection for the first part of the baby-alone photos.

cake smash backdrops 1
cake smash backdrops 2

What Backdrops are available for the family photography part of the cake smash of the photoshoot?

GSR Studio Inc offers a great selection of the big size of professional studio backdrops for a family photography part of the photo session. Our preferable combination is cappuccino color and floor E. These colors are perfectly blending to human color skins.

family Photography Backdrops Toronto
family Photography Backdrops Toronto
family Photography Backdrops Toronto

Cake Smash photography is very popular in Canada, the USA, and Europe. The parents would like to create priceless memories for a little one in-studio or on location. The occasion is a one-year celebration. We have captured two and three years of cake smashes as well. Every family has a different idea about the theme, backdrops, props, and usually, this mall project for the family and photo studio.

Every photo studio has a different style. Our professional portrait photographers like the simple and elegant look of the theme. This is all about the baby! It is important to match the baby-style and colour outfits with photography props and backgrounds.

The parents are welcome to select one theme for a cake smash session from the images that are available on our web.

The new ideas are welcome as well and we are adding a new theme consistently to our portfolio.

When the process of preparation of them is over this is a perfect time to prepare the baby and the toys, the music that the baby likes.

We might suggest giving a baby to test the cake ahead of time. The reaction of the baby is unpredictable and not every baby likes the test of the cake. Most of the kids don’t like to be messy as well.

We suggest do not enforce the baby. We like to create an atmosphere of the playground. The baby has to enjoy every moment of being in the studio. We have a lot of props and toys to play with.

The bottom line is all about family time and communication between the mother and father and the baby. We just capture the game that you play with your baby.


Choose the right cake smash outfit


Choosing the dress, romper or outfit set your baby will wear in the photoshoot is also greatly important as you want your baby to both look stylish and feel comfortable. Also keep in mind that the cake smash outfit may get stained during the session and no longer be wearable, so you may want to go with an affordable option. Alexon’s Collections offer high-quality baby girl and baby boy clothes for very reasonable prices. Their outfits are styled for first birthday photo shoots, cake smash photoshoots, and celebrations.


What cake smash photography packages do you offer?


We offer different packages and all the packages are based on time. What does it mean for you? The longer duration of the session -the more images you gonna get.

The first package is our mini session and the session time is about 20 minutes. We do capture baby images only on one theme without an outfit change.

The one outfit change is welcome for 45 minutes package. We will take the baby pictures on a plain backdrop with different props and cake smashing photos on a different backdrop.

The next 1 hr package is suitable for family and baby photography. We create family portraits, baby photos on a plain backdrop. The last part of the session is the cake smash.

Our top package is about the smash and splash. The package is identical to 1 HR photoshoot, but the bathtub photos captured as well.

The bottom line it all depends on the family goal and the available budget.

How can we Pay?

We do accept cash, debit, credit, Pay Pal and e-transfer.

Do we have to pay a deposit?

To confirm the booking, clients are required to pay a $100 deposit upon reserving GSR Studio Inc Services. The $100 deposit is not an extra fee. The deposit will be deducted from the total service fee, the remainder of the service fee must be paid upon service completion and the total payment will be $100 less. Please e-transfer $100 to upon reserving the photoshoot. You may reschedule the booking in advance ( at least 24 Hrs before the scheduled time of the photoshoot. The deposit is not refundable and you can use the deposit for any of our services.

How we can book the cake smash photoshoot?

We do offer an online booking system and over the phone.

When we will receive the images?

The standard delivery time is 3-5 business days.

The delivery might take a couple of days longer in some cases.

Will you edit or retouch all the delivered images?

Yes, all the images will be edited and ready to print. The images selected for printing by GSR Studio Inc will be extra retouched to perfection.

What is the difference between editing and retouching?

The editing includes minor skin smoothing, colour correction, light adjustment and proper cropping.

The retouching is a long manual process of image modification including the following: teeth whitening,  removing or making the wrinkles less visible, removing any spots on the skin, making your slimmer etc.

What is the size of the images that you deliver?

We deliver high-resolution images 300 DPI with the highest possible resolution.

The big posters could be printed as well.

Can we reschedule the photoshoot?

Yes, you can. Please reschedule by e-mail or by phone a couple of days before the cake smash photo session.

How do we have to be prepared for to Cake Smash Photography photo session?

Please plan the photo session time when your baby is active.

Please bring the toys that your kid loves.

Please advise what music your kid like or bring the music with you.

You can connect your cell to our music centre as well.

Not every baby reacts the way that you do expect for a photography session, even when there is a great colourful cake involved!

The cakes are sweet and your kid might not be used to that.

Most Cakes are covered in soft icing and some children just don’t like to get messy.

Our advice is to try it out with a cupcake first and verify how your kid reacts to messy play and a bit of sweetness.

They don’t normally dive into the cake like you might think and sometimes need a bit of direction from parents.

We have no problem getting the shots that we need. We have a lot of experience but if the cake is not a hit the bathtub always so doesn’t worry!

Please see below the summary of the questions and answers relevant to the cake smash photoshoot.

It is important from the first point of contact to impress your toddler.

Toddlers love to play.

They love to enjoy games.

This is the key point.

Please do your best and prepare your kid for playground time.

The kid has to be aware that he will be playing the games!

What do we need to bring for the baby cake smash photoshoot?

We do suggest bringing the following:

One or Two Outfits  for Family Photos

One or Two  Outfits for 1 Year part of the  photo session

Boys look great in blue jeans paired with suspenders or a tie. A pair of leggings, a onesie, and a cute hat will also do the trick.

For girls: ruffled bottoms, leggings, pearls, tutu and onesie and a cute hat will also add value to the images.

Cake smash shoots are fun but very messy! Please keep that in mind when planning potential outfits. Tutus, onesies or jeans are ideal, but a simple diaper cover/cloth diaper (covering a disposable diaper) is also quite cute!

One  Outfit for Smash cake photos

One Outfit for Go Home In

2 extra pairs of pants




Formula (if Formula fed)





Toys and books that your baby love to play with.

What mom needs to bring for the baby cake smash photoshoot?

Great outfit for family pictures. We suggest matching the colours for family pictures.

Extra Shirt. We will be using a couple of backgrounds to match the colour of the outfit and the colour skin.

Please don’t forget  hairbrush or Comb, powder and lip gloss

What dad needs to bring for the baby cake smash photoshoot?

Please bring an outfit for family pictures  and the extra shirt

How do you recommend matching the colours of our clothes?

We do recommend a colour matching approach or colour coordination. It doesn’t mean that all colours have to be the same.

It is nice to get different colours with some pop-up colour here or there.

Please send us an e-mail with the images and we will call you back with our recommendations.

What is the best time of the day for a photoshoot with our little one?

Please schedule the time when your little one is active and happy. We can always find the time in our schedule to meet your expectations.

My kid is very active and moving all the time. How will you manage it during the photoshoot?

Lifestyle is our preferable type of photography. We will catch all gorgeous smiles when you interact with your kid.

You will be standing close to the photographer and communicate with your kid. We do suggest inviting grandparents as well.

They will help to create priceless family photos. Elina will be doing her best to get the kid attention.

When the cake smash photography session should be scheduled?

Please book the smash cake photo shoot a month before the birthday day.

We always keep time for emergency cases. Please contact our studio and we will find the best time for you.

How do you plan themes & colours?

We do have multiple backdrops in the studio and we can work together as a team to prepare the theme that is meeting your expectations.

We understand that themes add value to the images, We add decorations to get the kid’s attention and make him play in a comfortable environment.

Our team is consistently adding new backdrops to the studio. We do paint the backdrops and all our backdrops are custom made based on our customer’s opinion.

How do we have to prepare our kids for the photoshoot?

This is a great question. We suggest talking to the kid and explaining what we will be doing.

You can try to give him a test small part of the cake, so the kid will enjoy the test and get more comfortable during the real photoshoot. You are welcome to visit.

You might want to give a small piece of cake to the kid if he or she never tried the sweet food before.

Do you provide cakes?

Parents are to supply the cake, cupcake or other food products to be used in the photoshoot, due to liability reasons.

The simple vanilla or chocolate cake, with buttercream frosting, makes for messy and fun pictures!

Fondant cakes are very beautiful on their own but aren’t the best fit for a cake smash. It may be best to leave the fondant cake for the birthday party!

Please feel free to contact us, and we can suggest a few cost-effective places!

Please make sure that you are taking into account the allergic restrictions that some kids have.

12 Can you create a web gallery with all the images for us?

Yes, we can.  We do provide the service at no extra charge. The gallery will be password protected.

How long will you keep the web gallery?

We do keep the gallery for two months. Please contact us if you want us to get access to the gallery for a longer period of time

Can you print images for us?

Yes, we can. Please contact our team and we will be happy to provide the quote for printing.

What about the albums?

We do design and print albums.

Please select the size of the album, required amount of pages and we will be back to you with the price.

We do design the album based on the images that you select for the album.

The design will be posted on our web for your approval.

The delivery time after your approval is 3 -4 weeks as the albums are printed in Italy on matte,

glossy UV protected archival paper.

We do offer different styles of albums.

Please contact our team for details.

Why do we need to read FAQs?

We would suggest being prepared for the Cake Smash photography Photo Shoot, based on our tips and recommendations.

It will help to get the best images, have a great time and keep priceless memories.

What is the standard workflow of the Cake Smash Photo Session?

We are trying to accommodate the behavior of the toddler.

The standard scenario: we start with toddler images.

The pictures were captured with our accessories and backdrops.

The next step depends on the time that you booked.

The 30 minutes photoshoot will continue to smash the cake session,

The full 1 Hr session will continue with family photos and move on to the cake smash part of the photoshoot.

When do we have to arrive?

We would suggest arriving 10-15 minutes ahead of time.

The toddlers need time to get comfortable in our studio.

We have to create the game atmosphere and the process takes time.

Would you be able to show us the image in the studio?

The captured images are available for preview in real-time.

You are welcome to involve the toddler in the process of reviewing the image as well.

You can get all not edited JPEG images by the end of the photoshoot as well.

Please bring the USB or order ours for $20.

How many images we gonna get?

You will get all edited and ready to print images.

The amount of the images depends on baby cooperation and the duration of the photoshoot.

We are focusing on quality photography and not quantity.

The typical amount of the captured images depends on the time of the photoshoot and the toddler

Good toddler cooperation will allow us to use more props and create more images.

Can we book an outdoor cake smash session?

Yes, you can.

We charge an extra $100 for traveling and set-up.

You can combine studio and outdoor photo sessions as well.

Are you offering a special discount for your customers?

Yes, we do. We do offer $100 value of print credits to all consistent customers.

Can we bring siblings?

We would suggest bringing the other adult as well, as your attention will be on the baby and cake smash.

Please book at least 1 Hr session if you want us to capture siblings, parents, and grandparents.

What backdrop or theme is the best for our toddler?

Please take a look at our web and select the theme that you like.

Please indicate that your choices of colour or themes for the session, this will help me know what decorations to set up, also please let me know if your baby is frightened of balloons.

We have a large selection of cake smash setups to choose from.

We have colours for many setups I can use and will always purchase something in if you have ideas.

25.I just have a quick question regarding the outfits change. Is there a limitations to how many outfits we can change in a session? 

The outfits change is going to before the birthday girl and her sister only?

We start with the family photos on the big backdrop most likely beige (15-20 minutes) , the next part is the baby alone photos on the different small backdrop and the last one is the cake smash part of the photoshoot.
Usually it is not time to change the outfits during the family part of the session (not for adults and not for kids) , but we can skip the baby alone photos and we can take more family photos on the same big backdrop .
The sister is welcome to change the outfit once if you are planning to skip the baby alone part of the photoshoot and take more family photos, or we can create the kids only portraits on the small backdrop.
Usually the birthday girl can use three outfits: one for family photos, the second one for baby alone photos and the last one for cake smash . You are welcome to use our outfits for family and for baby alone photos , and for cake smash you have to bring your outfit.


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