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Astronaut or Space Cake Smash Themes

The space theme was requested by a lot of our customers. We are always open to new suggestions. The market research didn’t give us a lot of options that match our photography style. It looks like that we have to start a new project and design and built the props for newborn, baby, and cake smash photography. We started with wooden props for newborns and cake smash photography. We decided to standardize the shuttle style of the space rocket.

It was hard to find the builder of the custom-made product. Both products were ordered from our old friends from Ukraine and Belarus. The manufacturing and delivery time were about three months.

The decor and garlands were ordered separately from the different online suppliers.

The costumes were hard to find and the Turkey supplier helped to create space astronaut style with nice-looking emblems.

The last part of the project was the selection of the space backdrops. Chinese manufacturer helped us a lot by offering a great variety of the themes.

Space 1st birthday photography theme. The cake smash studio photo session was very exciting. The baby boy played with all available photography props.

The cake smash photographer captured gorgeous and priceless family memories and the parents were very impressed and happy.

The baby boy was feeling like a little prince that we getting ready for a real space trip around the earth.

Space-themed cake smash photography is a popular theme for parents who want to capture their child’s first birthday milestone in a unique and creative way. Here are some ideas for a space-themed cake smash photography session:

  1. Spaceship Background: Use a starry or galaxy-themed background, and add a spaceship prop to the setup to give the illusion of flying through space.
  2. Astronaut Outfit: Dress up your little one in an astronaut outfit or a space-themed onesie to complete the look.
  3. Moon Rock Cake: Instead of a traditional cake, consider creating a moon rock cake or a space-themed cake with planets and stars.
  4. Balloon Galaxy: Use colorful balloons to create a galaxy effect, and add in some star-shaped balloons to complete the look.
  5. Cosmic Colors: Use blue, purple, and pink colors to create a cosmic atmosphere for your photoshoot.

When working with a professional photographer for your space-themed cake smash photography session, they will have many creative ideas and props to create the perfect setup for your child. They will also have the skills and equipment necessary to capture stunning photos of your little one’s special day.

The parent’s dream came through. We finalized the project just two weeks before the planned three months ago cake smash photoshoot.

We had this week two boys’ photo shoots and every parent selected the space theme.

The babies were so happy to fly to the moon! We had a lot of gorgeous smiles. We are very happy that one more project was finalized successfully.

GSR Studio Inc offers a huge selection of themes for cake smash or 1st birthday photography. Please give us a call if can’t find the theme that meets your expectations.

GSR Studio Inc is a professional photography studio that offers a wide range of photography services, including birthday photography. If you are interested in having an astronaut-themed birthday photography session for your child, GSR Studio Inc can work with you to create a customized and creative setup that fits your vision.

Some ideas for an astronaut-themed birthday photography session could include using space-themed props and backgrounds, creating a DIY spaceship or rocket ship, and dressing up your child in an astronaut costume or space-themed outfit.

With GSR Studio Inc, you can expect a high-quality and professional photoshoot that captures your child’s personality and the special moments of their birthday celebration. Their experienced photographers have the skills and equipment necessary to create stunning and timeless photos that you will cherish for years to come. Contact GSR Studio Inc to learn more about their photography services and to schedule a consultation.

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