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Thank you for visiting the Birth Photography Vaughan page.
Birth photography is one of the first and essential family milestones. It is our privilege to capture beautiful newborn baby birth photos. The first moments of live birth are priceless.
The camera will capture the emotional connection of the new baby’s birth with parents and grandparents. The birth story of your baby written with pictures is unique and naturally beautiful.
The love captured by the photographer is unforgettable. Any emotional moment is important for the family story and your baby’s birth memories. The birth of the first baby and the birth of the second one is different!
GSR Studio Inc. will be happy to capture priceless memories for your family (in-hospital newborn photography). Please call us at 905-417-22-11, and we will discuss your photography needs. We do have all photography props and infant wraps, headbands, etc. The birth photography package could be combined with maternity and newborn photography packages.

Birth professional photography has become increasingly popular over the years as more and more parents want to capture the moment their child enters the world. Birth photography is a way for parents to have a permanent record of the day their child was born, capturing every emotion, moment and detail. This article will discuss the benefits of professional birth photography and what you can expect from a birth photography session.

Benefits of Professional Birth Photography

  1. Capturing Precious Memories: A birth is one of a family’s most important and memorable moments. Professional birth photography captures the day’s raw emotion, excitement, and joy. The photos become an heirloom and can be cherished for generations.
  2. Professional Skills: Professional birth photographers are skilled at capturing images in low light, which is often the case during a birth. They also can capture intimate and vulnerable moments without being intrusive or obtrusive.
  3. Quality Images: Professional photographers use high-quality equipment and have the skills to produce clear, sharp, and beautiful images. They also can edit the images to enhance their quality and beauty.
  4. Storytelling: Professional birth photographers have the skills to tell the birthday story through images. They can capture the progression of labour, the birth itself, and the moments following the birth. The images tell the day’s story and capture the event’s emotion.

What to Expect from a Birth Photography Session

  1. Pre-Birth Consultation: A professional birth photographer will typically meet with you before birth to discuss your expectations, desires, and concerns. They will also provide you with information on what to expect during the birth and how they will work to capture the best images.
  2. On-Call Availability: A professional birth photographer is typically on-call 24/7, ready to capture the moment your child enters the world. They will arrive at the hospital or birthing center when you are in active labour and stay until a few hours after the birth.
  3. Unobtrusive Photography: A professional birth photographer is trained to be unobtrusive during the birth, capturing images without intruding or disturbing the environment. They will use available light to capture the images and may use a flash if necessary.
  4. Delivery Room Images: A professional birth photographer will capture the moment your child enters the world, including the delivery, first breath, and first moments with family members.
  5. Post-Birth Images: A professional birth photographer will continue to capture images after the birth, including the first time the baby is weighed, measured, and examined.


Professional birth photography is a beautiful way to capture the precious moments of your child’s birthday. A professional birth photographer can provide high-quality images that capture the raw emotion and excitement of the day. They can also tell the birthday story through their images, providing a permanent record of this special moment in your family’s life. By understanding the benefits of professional birth photography and what to expect from a birth photography session, you can make an informed decision about capturing this once-in-a-lifetime moment.