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Babies and Kids Top-Rated photographer in GTA

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1st birthday photoshoot Toronto
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Baby and Kids Photography Packages


  • Duration: Up to 45 Minutes

  • Baby and Family Photography

  • You Own :40 + high-resolution (300 DPI) soft copies

  • One (1) 8x10 inch or two (2) 5x7 inch prints
  • Free access to props,backdrops,outfits!
  • Baby outfit change is welcome.
  • One (1) backdrop.
  • 3-5 business days delivery
  • FREE delivery via Google Drive
1 Hr
$ 399

  • Duration: Up to 60 Minutes

  • Baby and Family Photography

  • You Own :80 + high-resolution (300 DPI) soft copies

  • Two (2) 8x10 inch or four (4) 5x7 inch prints
  • Free access to props,backdrops, outfits!
  • Baby and parents outfit change is welcome
  • Two(2) backdrops.
  • 3-5 business days delivery
  • FREE delivery via Google Drive
1.5 Hr
$ 499

  • Duration: Up to 90 Minutes

  • Baby and Family Photography

  • You Own:160+ high-resolution (300 DPI) soft copies

  • Three (3) 8x10 inch or six (6) 5x7 inch prints
  • Free access to props,backdrops, outfits!
  • Baby and parents outfit change is welcome
  • Up to (3) backdrops
  • 3-5 business days delivery
  • FREE delivery via Google Drive

Latest Baby Photoshoots

newborn photography photoshoot near me
newborn photography photoshoot near me
newborn photography photoshoot near me
Newborn Photography Brampton
newborn photoshoot Brampton 2022
Newborn Photography Photos 2022
Newborn Photographer Toronto
Newborn Photography Photos 2022

Baby Photography Richmond Hill Toronto Markham Brampton North York

Thank you for visiting our page Baby photography Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Thornhill, Toronto, Markham, North York, Brampton.

 GSR Studio Inc loves baby photography with the love of grandma, grandpa, and uncle. Our two grandkids love to play in front of our cameras, and they like to watch the photos captured on the fly with Ninja-style photography! Our journey in baby photography began when we were playing with toy cameras a while ago. It is not over yet! We are still playing with the toy camera consistently demonstrating excellence to our customers, who are looking for unique, timeless, and priceless memories and taking care of the quality legacy to leave. I was not kidding about the toy camera as we still feel like kids! It is fun to switch “on” time machine and get back to the date of hope.

Artistic Infant Photoshoot Near Me Mississauga Etobicoke Richmond Hill Thornhill Vaughan

We love to play the games, to enjoy the moment is as a kid in the process of creating priceless memories for newborns (5-14 days old), babies ( up to 12-month-old), toddlers (1-3 years old), kids (3 age and older). Being a child helps to create the “wow” moment where the babies are not looking to the camera and just having a bit of fun, looking to the parents, trying to reach the small ball rolling on the floor, reacting to some noise in the room …

Child Photographer Near Me Toronto  Woodbridge

 It is not about the pose it is real action baby photography, where we are specializing in for the last ten years. It is about a relaxing atmosphere, where the baby photographer should be almost invisible! GSR Team loves baby portraiture. Who wouldn’t right?  Baby portraiture is something very special about baby photography; it is emotional, relaxing, magic, exciting, funny, all the time different… These fillings help us to create lasting and gorgeous memories.

 The professional children Photo Studio  Toronto Brampton Markham North York

 The studio offers modern baby photography services for a decade in the Toronto area. We love to create unique, contemporary, stunning, stylish images of babies in our studio, on location or at your home where we can create fresh and pure pictures and the children will fill very comfortable. The team of professional photographers offers contemporary pictures of children with a full range of props and hand-made old masters school backdrops with unique textures that we are manufacture for special occasions. Interested in modern Toronto baby photography? Let GSR Studio Inc capture your prenatal images and create priceless stamps for your family.

Top-rated baby photographer near me

GSR Studio Inc photographer consistently getting top-rated customer awards as an appreciation of the quality product and quality service.

Outdoors Infant Photoshoot near Me Vaughan

  We have dedicated many hours to scouting gorgeous outdoor portrait locations throughout Maple, Vaughan, Markham, Toronto areas for babies’ photography photoshoots. They love the beauty of outdoor baby photography, where we can easily hide a side of the garden, playground and shoot with the telescopic lens! This technique helps to create a unique not fake look, where we are not looking for the response on “ Cheers”. The colors of the flowers, sky, reflection in the water help to create a unique look of babies’ photography pictures.

Priceless Milestones Memories

 At GSR Studio Inc, we offer clients luxurious, state-of-the-art, custom photography products: Framed Archival prints, finest quality hand-stretched canvas wraps, Italian quality albums, etc The gift certificates that are available in our studio could be an excellent gift for any family! All our clients are automatically enrolled in a lifetime membership program, and taking advantage of the special prices for their families! Please contact us and we will be happy to create priceless memories for your family. Book Us Now!

Baby Photos Photo Studio Near Me

 It is our pleasure to prepare the article about GSR Studio Inc. The GSR  team successfully provided professional photo studio services in GTA for more than ten years.

The studio awarded by the customers multiple times for outstanding customer service. The studio is located in Vaughan, Ontario, and provides the service in GTA.

The studio experience is unique as they catch the emotions and proper moment on the fly. They are not looking for posed baby pictures. Most of the time babies like to change

the game, place, and toys. They got bored very fast. The challenge of baby photography is timing. The studio photographers play with kids. They have a lot of toys. They play Latin music or music of the customer’s choice. The kids love to play with the photographers and usually they would like to stay in the studio.

We enjoyed working with the GSR Studio team and loved the personal approach and the quality of their service.  Everyone is impressed by the ability the view the images on the big screen in real-time!

 The customers left a lot of five stars reviews and the rating of the photo studio is higher in comparison to any other photo studio in GTA, The combination of the personal approach,

quality of the service, fast delivery and a lot of years of experience make this studio a unique leader in baby photography.

The prices are very attractive and they do charge per time. We liked that the studio didn’t ask for a deposit and they do accept all credit cards. We have received within 3 business days all

edited and ready to print images. We can print the images, post the pictured on any social media or share them with friends.

The studio offers professional-quality prints and albums. The customers recommend the studio services to their friends and word of mouse marketing works great for the studio.

Children and Family Pictures Near Me

 The team of professional studio photographers combines the baby photoshoot with family photography. They use the same approach for newborns, cake smash, or first birth. The studio offers different photography packages. They do recommend booking at least 1 Hr of photoshoots. The suggested time helps to create great family memories on the different backdrops.

 The studio photographers create different looks and combinations. Every studio photoshoot is unique. The customers enjoy the process of creating different looks: parents, kids, parents with kids or just individual portraits. The multiple backgrounds in the studio, different accessories, and toys help to create quality photos. The smallest package is recommended for a family of max four people. They created the package for the families that just would like to get a family portrait that they create once a year.

 The frame time of the package is limited and only one backdrop could be used in this case. The cloth change is very welcome in 1 Hr or 1.5 Hr photo shoots. Typically the customers will get more than 100 professionally edited images. The delivery of the images in Free via Google Drive or on a custom-made USB.

First birthday (cake smash) photoshoot  Nearby

 The customer that booked GSR Studio Inc for newborn or maternity photography automatically enrolled in GSR Studio Specials. The 10% discount is applied to any order. The parent loves to capture the important moments of the kid’s development. The first-year studio photoshoot is just one of the steps in the creation of great memories for the future family album.

 GSR Studio creates great quality memories on different backdrops. The studio consistently upgrades the background and brings more accessories. They understand the customer needs and the photographers can create a unique look of the images based on your request. The photo studio considers a cake smash photoshoot as a small project. They want to involve the parents in every single stage of the project. The studio search for new props and backgrounds. The photographers participate in different training and they do conduct the training for other photographers or amateur photographers on a regular basis. The studio consistently upgrades the portfolio. The photographers like to share life stories with other customers on a photo studio blog.

Newborn Baby Images, Brampton, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Scarborough

  You are very welcome to the family-operated top-rated portrait studio in GTA. The studio provides professional baby, newborn, maternity, family, and corporate headshots. The professional photography service is provided in-studio and at the comfort of your home or on location. Let’s start with Babies Photography. Why baby photography? GSR Studio Inc’s owners are proud fathers and mothers of two gorgeous boys. We are grandparents of two terrific boys as well. We loved to capture the lifestyle baby, babies, and kids photos all the life. The baby’s emotions, ability to love and share the love unconditionally are unforgettable.

 The baby loves to play with different props, toys during the photo session. We are aware of the short temper and we change the props, theme every 3-5 minutes. The family, maternity photo session with babies is always a pleasure. We have to find the proper approach to the kids from the first moment. The kids have to feel like on the playground. The photographers are stranges and the kids will be the first close to the parents all the time. We start family, pregnancy (maternity), and newborn photography sessions with siblings. The next part of the photography session is siblings and baby photography. This is the beginning of a big game. The parents are big helpers. They know their kids much better and they sing, play, show their faces, and sometimes even dance to get gorgeous emotions. The cake smash is another photography session. The celebration of the first birthday is a great photography session opportunity as well.GSR offers a great selection of themes, props, and backgrounds for cake smashing photo session. The culmination of the cake smash photo shoot is the splash photography session.

 The kids love to have a great time in the bathtub. The photos of the bathtub part of the photoshoot are amazing! The customers from Brampton, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Toronto, GTA enjoy the priceless memories captured by the GSR Studio Inc photographer. Brampton customers love to come with all family members. It looks like the family memories are important for Brampton, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Toronto, GTA customers. We have asked the customers from Brampton, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Toronto, GTA. Why would you drive 30-40 minutes to the studio located in Vaughan?
Most customers from Brampton, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Toronto, GTA responded by the following way: We don’t mind driving to get quality memories with the reasonably priced photography packages. Brampton’s population is growing and most of our newborn photography customers drive from Brampton.
Please contact Elina : 905-417-22-11 . She will be happy to assist you.

Children Photographer Vaughan, Markham, Brampton, North York, Toronto

The professional baby photographer Vaughan. The joy of photographing newborns, infants, toddlers, and children is in their innocence, spontaneous, unforgettable expressions.  A glowing happy face, the eyes full of love and energy, the constant not limited energy, the desire to discover and enjoy new things or just a hug from one of our little customers has brightened many happy days at our professional photo studio.  The expressions. mood, behaviour that might change every second remains as a priceless and unforgettable memory in our minds.

What is so special about baby, infant, or toddler photography?  This is a very good question. We would answer the question in a different way ten years ago. The experience helped to our portrait photographers and to our portrait photography studio to understand the small details. The small details knowledge is very important. We would say there are not small details at all. The aspect is very important and knowing all layers of the aspect is the key to our baby photography success. There are different layers of the aspect: the psychological aspect is most important. We must know how to make the baby and the parents comfortable in front of our cameras. The goal is to create a game atmosphere, where the parents should be the game players as well. The communication between baby and parents is already established, so why not use it! Some babies found one of our photographers as a good player as well. The babies don’t want to leave our studio and would like to keep playing. This is the perfect example of great success.  The quick bridge to the babies is not so difficult to find. We just play, enjoy the time, and believe me that the babies feel the positive energy coming from the professional portrait photographer.

The atmosphere in the studio, the first minutes of the contact play a significant role in baby portrait photography and for sure in any kind of portrait photography. The zone of personal comfort is individual and a personal approach can help to keep the toddler in this zone during portrait studio photoshoots. The parents love to see the gorgeous baby smiles in the pictures. The enjoyable portrait studio atmosphere, properly selected toys and games help to get gorgeous impressions during professional portrait photography photoshoot. Child or children photography is the next level in portrait photography. We are dealing with small people. They already have the character. They know what they like and what they don’t like.  The small people still don’t know how to play with pretense and arrogance. The child can make your day and can ruin your day. The kid’s smile can melt your heart and the baby’s tears can break your, heart. This is a real-life scenario with comic and drama in action. The little folks will try your patience, they will run, watch behind of the backdrops, ask interesting questions….The experienced portrait photographer must be aware of all these little tricks. We must stay at the top of any situation and control any situation in a positive way. The photo studio should be identified by kids as a funny and enjoyable place to visit.

The photographer should look like a friend that will be all-time happy. The generating of positive energy is very important! The photographer’s look or appearance must be child-friendly and you must be completely aligned with the kids. The toys and accessories are other topics. Please coordinate with the parents and even ask to bring the toys to the photo studio. Cars, flowers, invisible ink or music books should be available in the photography studio. Everything that will bring kids’ attention will work. Most of the kids are shy for the first couple of minutes. We pick up and hold some toys and get close to the parents. The kids will slowly approach you just out of curiosity. This is the best first moment to capture the priceless kid’s portraits. GSR Studio Inc is a Top-rated Portrait Photography Photo Studio with more than a decade of successful experience in Canada. Our team will be proud to create priceless memories for your family. The studio prices are affordable and based on time only. The consistent customers proudly share images with friends and relatives.

The studio offers 10% discount to returned customers. Please give a call to Elina if you have any questions.  She will be happy to assist you.

Why infant photos are Important?

Why baby photos are important? Do you expect a standard answer? Do they create family memories or priceless memories for generations? I agree with these responses, but based on my memories there is something else that is critical as well.

I guess the answer will depend on who you are asking? Parents would like to capture every single moment when the baby is growing, changing the smile, behavior, posture, etc. They are not even raising the question.

Parents are very proud of their kids, and they would like to share these memories with their friends, families everywhere in the world, using personal e-mails, social media. etc
The best photos will be hanging on the living room walls or printed on a family album.

I love my baby photography when I am looking at my photos the time machine is bringing me back to my childhood. The photos are reminding the age, friends, environment, my grandma kissing and hugging me all the time, the presents from the parents, the birthday parties, etc.

I can compare the photos with a time machine mirror. I am looking at the static picture, but in my mind, I am recovering a real video relevant to the day and time where the picture has been taken. I guess I am getting close to the concussion about the historical aspects of the baby photos. Yes, we do create history by taking baby pictures.
I never thought about this aspect before, as I hated history class in school due to my teacher’s lack of teaching skills. My referenced subjects were sciences and photography. I loved to take photos of my friends, flowers, trees, the street in the winter and summer times. My film camera captured everything that was surrounding me.

Today I enjoy every single photo, and these pictures are bringing me back to the time where I was young.
I do hope I have answered the question of why baby photos are important, and I hope you agree with me.

We at GSR Studio Inc. love to produce baby pictures as we love your smiles, the energy that fills out our studio by your happy faces and your child, parents, and proud grandparents. Please give us a call and we will be proud to create those historical memories for you and your family.

Why choose GSR Studio Inc for baby Photography?

Studio-quality lighting at all times – You will be pleased to learn that no matter the location, we ensure that we use lighting that meets and exceeds the studio standards. Having invested a lot in equipment, we have powerful cameras that support a variety of lights for every occasion. Whether we are taking the pictures in an enclosed space, in your living room or even outdoors, we have the capacity to produce great photos captured by the experienced eye of our professional photographers.

We do our best to get in tune with the mood of the occasion – Getting pictures that reveal the spirit of the time is important. When we take up a photography task, we confident that we will do a job that meets and exceed your expectations because our passion for photography guides us. Whether you call us for a happy or severe occasion, we understand the emotional value of your time. We will thus do our best to put the mood in perspective through the pictures we take.

We take as many pictures as needed to cover the occasion  – Many photographers like setting a limit to the maximum number of pictures they can take. If they have to take extra photos, they usually insist on billing you for the additional pictures. For us, the key concern is getting all the perfect shots that will make your event a success. It thus means that we will take as many photos as necessary and do our best to catch all those special moments. We go the extra mile by taking not just the expected shots but also some of the random pictures that speak volumes.

High-resolution images – As part of our standard service, we ensure that you get all your photos in high resolution. Once we have printed all the pictures that you want, we can send you the edited and ready-to-print digital files in any format. We can email them to you or load them onto a flash disk so that you can also have your soft copies in case you choose to print them in the future. Having them in digital form also allows you to share them with your friends and family living in another part of the country.

We offer you high-quality prints – The reason you choose to work with the leading provider for baby photography Aurora Ontario is that you expect nothing but the best. For this reason, we provide you with superb prints and photo albums containing all the pictures taken. Unlike other photographers, we do not charge you extra for the picture albums.

Baby Photo Shoots

Reasonable cost – When choosing a photography provider, you need one that offers you an affordable price. If you are looking for great value for your money, you are in the right hands. We charge you an extremely favourable rate that covers everything. Once we agree on a fee, we will not charge you any extra costs for additional prints or even albums.

We take the photos anywhere you want – For us, the location of the photoshoot does not matter. Some clients prefer to visit our studio while others request us to visit their homes for the pictures. We are always ready to take the photos at any place of your choice including taking the pictures in different locations on the same day. We can start by taking the pictures of your child in school and follow it up with a photo session at home during their birthday party.

Based on the information above, you can make the right decision of selecting GSR Studio Inc as to the best baby photography Aurora Ontario. We welcome you to give us a call, and we will be happy to listen to your requirements and express our desire to work with you.

Babies and Kids Photo Shop Near Me

We are glad that you selected GSR Studio Inc as your portrait photographer. The  GSR photo shop will do its best to make sure that you are happy with the memories.

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