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The best Maternity Photos 2019

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Fine art newborn photography Toronto

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 Newborn and Maternity Photography

Thank you for visiting our page Newborn and Maternity Photography. Please apply 10% Off for All prices if you are booking two photo sessions in advance. We have been asked by a lot of customers to develop these packages. GSR Studio Inc provides newborn and maternity professional photography services in our studio located in Vaughan and at the comfort of your home.

Please give a call to Elina if you have any questions. The booking is available cover the phone, chat and online booking system. We are looking forward to create the priceless images for your family.

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Looking for Affordable Newborn Photographer Vaughan?

  Want to capture priceless moments and get magazine-quality images at an affordable price? Don’t want to spend any extra money for ordering all captured images? We do hope that the answer is affirmative and you are on the right page. Our team has more than ten years of professional newborn studio photography. We are in love with newborn or infant photography.  Our skills developed in the darkroom and polished by advanced digital cameras. The “smile” command is not applicable to Newborn photography! Newborn photography is all about the patients. We love to capture new baby pictures in a couple of weeks after the birth. The photoshoot could take about a couple of hours. Newborn baby love to be in a warm and pleasant environment, listen to classical music or mother’s calm voice. The kids loved to be touched by parents as well. The light birth weight allows us to use different poses and to catch the moments between breastfeeding. The young head is relatively not proportional to the size of the body, and we have to use proper angles to keep all in the right proportions. Some newborns have body hair called lanugo, and we have to use Photoshop skills in this case.

  The color skin of infants is grayish to dusty blue, and every image is required color correction. Keeping the children in a warm room and feeding them from time to time is key, and it is all about being ready for a “WOW” moment that could happen at any time. We got very excited when a new baby opens the eye or mouse and smiles. The priceless smile, smooth movements, slow opening of the eyes, and request for food make every newborn photo shoot unique. We love newborn photo shoots where every baby is unique, and it is now any limits to creativity! We are not counting the poses and set-ups we just enjoy the moment and capture everything that we like. More than ten years of successful experience in newborn photography helped us to develop a fruitful and safe routine for newborn photo sessions.

 We like to create unique lighting with different light directions and shadows in the right place that reflects the happiest moments of your family. The comfortable family atmosphere at our studio helps to establish the “Wow” look at newborns and families. We enjoy what we do, and our customers do appreciate the results of our daily adventures. We appreciate the customer’s reviews about our company. We do create artistic photos in our family-operated studio, at your home or at any location.