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Maternity Photography Photos Toronto 2022
maternity photoshoot Toronto 2022
maternity photographer Toronto 2022
Maternity Photoshoot Toronto 2022
maternity photoshoot Toronto
maternity photoshoot

Maternity Photography Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in Maternity Photography FAQ!

What is so special regarding Maternity Photography Photo Shoot?

This is a great opportunity to create priceless memories for your family. The nice-looking rounded belly, the husband looking with love and holding the home of future boy or girl. These moments are very important and there are a couple of ways to create these memories. We do like a professional studio environment and outdoor maternity photoshoot. The style of photography is different in the studio or on location.

  Do you provide maternity gowns/dresses?

Yes, we do have a great selection of colors and styles. You are getting Free Access to all our gowns, dresses and accessories.

When should I book a professional maternity photography photoshoot?

The answer is when your belly looks rounded. The best timing is 32-36 weeks, although the maternity photoshoot can be done at any stage you choose.

 What should I and my husband wear for my maternity photo session?

Please match your clothes and shoes. The pink shirt is good for girls and the blue one is awesome for boys.

Black long-sleeved shirt and a white long-sleeved button-up shirt is a great choices for girls.

I loved some images on the internet. Can you capture the same poses for me?

Yes, we can. Please forward the images to our studio before the photoshoot and we will prepare proper lighting and backdrops for you.

 Can we bring with us some accessories?

Yes, you can. You are very welcome to bring any accessories that you want us to incorporate into the pictures.

 We love black and white images. Can you convert to black and white some images?

Yes, we can. Please send us the image ID and we convert the images for you at no extra charge?

Are you retouching all the images?

We retouch the images that we print in our studio. We don’t charge extra for retouching in this case.

The full manual retouching of the image can take 15-30 minutes per image. We will eliminate all imperfections to make your skin looks perfect. Wrinkle removing, slimming, and removing all imperfections is part of our retouching workflow.

 Do you edit all the images?

Yes, we do edit all the images. The editing included proper cropping, smoothing the skin, and brightening or darkening of the images.

We want to print the images in Walmart. What is the cost of retouching of one image?

The cost of the professional retouching of one image is $35. We smooth the skin, remove the blemishes, etc.

What package would you recommend and why?

We highly recommend at least a 1.5 Hr photo shoot. We can use different backdrops and create dramatically looking Art images.

 May I invite my husband and kids to a maternity photo shoot?

You are very welcome to invite your husband and siblings to a photo shoot.

You might consider 1 Hr photoshoot as for some siblings it will be challenging to enjoy 1.5 Hr photo shoot.

Can we change the outfits during the photoshoot?

You are very welcome to change your outfits.

Do you show the images during the maternity photo session?

Yes, we do. You can take a look at the images in real time on big Mac screen

What exactly are we gonna get by the end of the photoshoot?

You will receive all edited and ready-to-print high-resolution and watermark-free images and prints (please see the description of the packages).

 Do you provide hair and makeup services?

We focus on photography. Please take care of your hair and makeup before the photoshoot. You are welcome to invite your artist to our studio as well.

Do you suggest bringing the rings and hair accessories?

Yes, we do. Please, bring the wedding and engagement rings.

Can I order the gift certificate for my friend?

Yes, you can. The gift certificates are available at the GSR Studio Inc store.

 Will you post all my images on social media without our permission?

No, we will not post any image without your permission. We understand the privacy concern and we do appreciate it.

Can we get RAW files?

Yes, you can.  We do provide as a standard all JPEG and RAW files. This is a unique feature of all our packages.

Can you take a couple of family portraits with our parents and grandparents?

You are very welcome to invite your family to a studio or on-location photo shoot.

We would like to capture a couple of images with our friendly dog or cat. Can you do it?

Yes, we can. Friendly dogs and cats are very welcome to our photo studio.

Do you accept debit cards?

Yes, we do. We do accept the cash, debit,e-transfer.

What is the average delivery time?

The delivery time is usually 3-5 business days. It might take a couple of extra days if we are overloaded.

When we will receive the prints that come with the packages?

The printing in the professional lab takes about 3-5 business days.

Can we order extra prints or albums?

Yes, you can. We do offer poster-size prints, and canvas albums. Please contact us with the details and we will be back to you.

Can we book a newborn photoshoot during the maternity session?

Yes, you can book the photoshoot and reschedule it from the hospital.

Do you offer any discounts if we combined newborn and maternity photoshoots?

Yes, we do offer $100 store credit for prints.

Can we get some discounts if we recommended your services?

The company offers $100 print credits as a referral incentive.

Do you provide Cake Smash services?

Yes, we do. Multiple artistic themes are available for you.

What about Christmas family photoshoots and outdoor family photo sessions?

The Christmas photo sessions should be a book at the beginning of November as December usually booked in advance.

The family photo sessions are available if the weather cooperates?

I have a couple of questions for you. What is the best way to reach you?

Please give a call to Elina: 905-417-2211, send an e-mail to, or open the ticket in the chat system. You are welcome to our studio as well. Please coordinate the visit in advance.

What is your policy relevant to the Deposit?

Please see the details in the next question.

Do we have to pay the deposit to proceed with the booking of the photo session?

To confirm the booking, clients are required to pay a $100 deposit upon reserving GSR Studio Inc Services. The $100 deposit is not an extra fee. The deposit will be deducted from the total service fee, the remainder of the service fee must be paid upon service completion and the total payment will be $100 less. Please e-transfer $100 to upon reserving the photoshoot. You may reschedule the booking in advance ( at least 24 Hrs before the scheduled time of the photoshoot. The deposit is not refundable and you can use the retainer for any of our services.

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