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Engagement Photography
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Engagement Photography
Mini Package
$ 800+HST
  • Duration up 2 Hrs

  • Unlimited Amount of Poses and Looks
  • You own all High-Resolution Files (300 DPI)
  • Edited & Ready for Print Images
  • Four (4) 8x10 inch or eight (8) 5x7 inch prints
  • One photographer and assistant
  • Life-style photography
  • Delivered via Google Drive
  • The full payment is required with the booking.
  • The legal convenience fees 2.8% will be applied for credit card payments
  • We do accept any credit cards ,debit, e-transfer or cash.
  • $30 Delivery on USB
  • Next Week Delivery
Standard Package
$ 399 +HST

  • $399+HST / Hr

  • Unlimited Amount of Poses and Looks
  • You own all High-Resolution Files (300 DPI)
  • Four (4) 8x10 inch or eight (8) 5x7 inch prints: per each 2 Hrs
  • Minimun coverage is 2 Hrs
  • Maximum coverage is 8 Hrs
  • Edited & Ready for Print Images
  • One (1) photographer and One (1) assistant
  • Life-style photos

Engagement Photography Vaughan

We are in love with Engagement photography sessions, as this type of photography doesn’t have limits for imagination. These photo sections could conduct in our studio where we have full control of the mood, light, and shadows, different backdrops, and props, but we love more outdoor engagement sessions when the weather is cooperating with us.

Every part of the day is bringing the various aspects to engagement photography. We like early light from 10-00 AM till 14-00 PM where we enjoy the direct Sun and our preferable time is from 16-00 till Sunset where the natural light helps to create Art photos.

Engagement Outdoors Photos

 We love to take these the engagement pictures in the parks, forests, then the center of the city or close to the lake .. We love to explore new locations and knee challenges.

Some customers are asking is we have done engagement photos in the precise location as they are looking for an experience. The professional photographers love to be surprised and challenged by a new place of duty or venue, as it helps to create something new, different look, different angles, a different mood of the pictures. We are looking forward to these challenges.

Artistic Engagement Photos

 At night engagement photos we could create anywhere, but preferably in the city or close to the lakes, as these unique backgrounds with a lot of light textures define the mood of the scene.

It is no question that we can talk endlessly about the different aspects of engagement photography, but what is important is you! You as a couple with your particular love story, individual relationships, and love.

Engagement photography is warm-up before the wedding day. We establish a connection during the day that we take your photos. We learn what you love; we find out how to make you look brilliantly during the wedding day.

How do we work?

 We work as a team. Elina coordinates everything; Gregory prepares all the needed equipment and pack everything a day ahead and Rony will help to pack everything into the car.

We work as a team, and everyone is aware of the roles. We don’t count the locations and amount of the photos taken as our goal are complete customer satisfaction accomplished by the quality and different photography aspects.

The engagement photos could be used for albums, big framed prints, slideshows, etc.

A great memory of the lovely moments of the beginning of new family history.

The couples who hired as an engagement photographer also enjoy our Maternity, Newborn and Kids and Baby Photography. The particular lifetime our appreciation card with the discount applied to all our services is granted to all our customers!

Please give a call to our professional team and book your engagement photography session: 905-417-2211.

Many couples love to invest in an engagement photographer. While it is very common to hire a wedding photographer to record the events of a wedding day.It seems that more individuals are also interested in capturing the entire engagement experience.

Getting married is not a one-day event. Many months of preparation go into this one very special day. Because of this, many individuals want to capture the entire experience from the day of the proposal to the day of the wedding.

Several Reasons Why People Choose Engagement Photography:

There are various reasons why individuals choose to obtain an engagement photographer. Some of the main reasons people seek out the assistance of engagement photographers include establishing a relationship with a professional photographer, creating pictures for the engagement, wedding-related information, and to practice taking pictures for the wedding day.

Engagement photography is a way to establish a relationship with a professional photographer. An engagement allows individuals to prepare themselves for their wedding. This is done in a variety of ways that include the preparation for taking pictures which is very important.

When a couple decides to hire an engagement photographer, they get the opportunity to search for individuals that have a certain amount of expertise in taking photographs for special occasions. Oftentimes, the process of selecting an engagement photographer involves comparing and contrasting the services of many different photographers in the local area.

Many couples decide to interview engagement photographers in order to get a full understanding of the type of pictures they want and the variety of services that a professional photographer can offer them with their engagement. The relationship with a professional engagement photographer often leads to the engagement photographer becoming the official wedding photographer.

Obtaining engagement photography services is in many ways a way to test the waters for a reliable professional photographer that could possibly handle wedding photography as well. There are numerous reasons why people want to choose a professional engagement photographer with their service which includes developing a relationship with professional photographers, creating images for engagement and wedding-related activities, and becoming familiar with taking pictures on a regular basis. Using engagement photography services allows individuals to become more comfortable with taking pictures on a regular basis. This can create a more natural manner to the photograph.

Engagement Photography Downtown Toronto

We love to capture the most beautiful pictures in the month of October with a lot of crinkly leaves.

The Fall is almost there and after a busy wedding season, we love to change the mood of our photography. We are gearing up for another busy fall season in the Toronto area.

The Autumn is all about the colour, texture, beautiful leaves smell, where the foliage is unforgettable.

Envision crunchy yellow and red leaves, golden glowing light, sun shining through the grass are adding unique character to the photos.

We can find a lot of excellent places in the Toronto area where the natural landscape is just surrounded by new and historic architectural treasures.

Every family loves the Fall pictures and usually, the pictures taken in the Fall are hanging on the wall or printed a the yearly family album.

Engaged couples love to be captured in fall, and a lot of our couples book the autumn engagement photography shoot in advance.

Moms and dads love Fall pictures as well as it is all about having fun with the kids and their pets. We like to take unposed photos taken from the side or a hidden tree, where the family is having fun, showing us real emotions and not silly pictures when you say “Cheese.”

We usually come with two photographers to capture the moments from different angles as it is all about the angle of vision. The different perspective creates a different look, and our customers love to get all these professionally edited photos taken by the two artists of GSR Studio Inc.

Please book your fall photography photoshoot and get your priceless family photography photos today.

Intimate Couple’s Boudoir Photography

You may want to consider taking an intimate couple boudoir photoshoot as a real couple or as models for commercial and promotion purposes. At GSR, we offer quality intimate couples boudoir photography poses services. An intimate couple’s boudoir photography shoot will bring more confidence and passion to your relationship or marriage and you will learn to appreciate each other more. It is also what you need as fresh couples who want to treasure each memorable time that you share. That, naturally sensual, sexy or erotic pose you strike at our photoshoot studio may produce a photo that you may need so much when you are miles away from your partner to keep that relationship alive. It may be among the most memorable photos of your youthfulness while you are about 80 years old. It may also be what you need to kick start a successful career as a model.

So when is it a perfect time to consider an intimate couple boudoir photoshoot? Any time is a good time to visit GSR studio for a photoshoot but then you should make sure that both of you are willing to do it and you comfortable. The photo session will be more fun, sensual and natural when you come with an open mind ready to get lose and strike those poses. Furthermore, you don’t have to be worried about how you look, what to wear and how to pose because that is the work of our photography crew. They will ensure that your lingerie choice is perfectly blended with your skin complexion and both of you have the right amount of makeup and accessories to complement your theme which may range from wedding, love, lust or passion.

GSR photo studio is well known for producing original and real professional photos in Toronto. The intimate couple boudoir photos can be taken inside our studio or in a romantic private setting such as a hotel room, your bedroom or daringly in a bathroom. However, the choice of a convenient photo shoot location will depend on your preference as a couple. The poses have to convey a message of passion, love, intimacy or romance. But then, you have the freedom to choose what will work best for you as a couple. The photographer will, therefore, give instructions on a friendly tone to encourage body relaxation and boldness which will help you as a couple of strike more poses. The photographer will keep talking to you as they take the photos in different angles to capture different expressions, emotions and poses.

The GSR photo studio has shown that the direction of light greatly affects the overall quality of your photos and that is why we have invested greatly in ensuring that the lighting in our studio is just perfect for your photoshoot. The final result of your photoshoot does depend entirely on the direction of the light.

Intimate couple’s boudoir photography poses may be anything from very intimate poses where the couples may be required to pose so close to each other. In addition to that, you may also strike a steamy or a sexy and classy pose with your partner. If you are interested in a simple romantic photo, then you can tone down the poses and opt for angles that illuminate your bodies in a sexy but romantic way as an expression of love.

The quality of photos you produce will depend on how good the photography team is doing their work. GSR studio ensures that it produces undeniably high quality photos by making sure the studio is properly lit and the right amount of light is illuminated for the occasion. That is why they will encourage you to be relaxed so that you are able to give poses that are more natural as opposed to imposed poses.

Most people will feel confident taking nude or semi-nude photos that are sexy but decent.GSR studio is very professional and likes to preserve the dignity and image of its clients. Therefore, we make sure that, the intimate couples boudoir photos produced are very attractive, sensual eye appealing, sexy but decent. You may decide to hang your photos in your bedroom because they are not inappropriate and they can also be used for commercial purposes without offending the public.

It is, therefore, the right time for you as couples to take your relationship or marriage to a higher level by spicing your life. Make that difference you have been yearning for in your relationship by trying out the intimate couple’s boudoir photography at GSR photo studio.

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